Lone Star Festival
The Event for Texas Creatives

Lone Star Festival is proud to join the future by creating NFTs for each year that the festival operates. We are starting with NFTs for the year 2023.  The profits from the sales of these and other NFTs that we will be offering over the years will help our non-profit to fund our museum, and create programs like the Lone Star Festival, Texas Students Short Story Contest, and other programs that inspire and enrich the future writers of Texas.

Any person of legal age can purchase the limited edition NFTs by clicking on the image for the person they would like to collect. The link will take them to OpenSea one of the NFT operating and distribution systems. At that time, you can purchase the NFT, or at a later date, you can even sell or exchange the NFT with fellow advocates of the Texas Creative world.

Join us for the initial purchase of $5.00 each*. Then trade them, sell them or hang on to them as collector’s items that we believe will go up in value year after year.**

The NFTs shown below are not the actual size of the ones you will be purchasing. The images below are static images of the GIFs that you can purchase. They are shown in no particular order.


 *Lone Star Festival or its producer, Texas Authors Institute of History, Inc., is responsible for any additional fees generated by purchasing an NFT.  Any fees due to the buyer are the sole responsibility of the buyer. Price is subject to current market value and may change at any time without notice.

*There is no hard evidence or actual proof that the NFTs you collect will hold their value or gain value at any time. This is purely speculative and done at your own financial risk. Therefore, Texas Authors Institute of History, Inc., OpenSea, Inc., and any other board members, directors, or associates that work with and help create the NFTs of the Lone Star Festival event, nor of the actual event itself will be held liable for loss of income, value, etc., from the purchase of NFTs.