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Lauricia Matuska

Building a Solid Plot Structure



Many aspiring writers start with an idea and write until they run out of steam or don't know what to write next. What many new authors don't know is the importance of a solid plot structure and how building a solid structure can help generate ideas for scenes that build an engaging plot.

In this proposed presentation, I introduce attendees to the Three Act plot structure and show them how to use that structure to plots that entrance readers and help avoid the common problem of a sagging middle. As a house can't be built without a frame, the best story idea can't be developed to its full potential without a solid structure. Presentation attendees with learn how to build a plot that supports the grandeur of their idea and how to avoid abandoning a manuscript because they don't know what to write next.

Specifically, authors will learn:

  • The necessity of structure for a well-developed story.
  • The parts and definitions of the Three Act Structure.
  • How to use the Three Act Structure to generate ideas for a plot and to avoid the dreaded sagging middle.


About the Author:

Lauricia Matuska writes fantasy that captivates and ignites the imagination. Mild-mannered teacher of high school literature and creative writing by day, Lauricia is a clandestine writer by night, fighting battles against time and responsibility to steal precious moments in which to compose the next few lines of her fantasy work-in-progress. Laricia's first novel, The Healer's Rune, qualified as a finalist for the 2017 ACFW Speculative Fiction award.