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Leilani Barnett

Journaling to Design Your Dream Life



Learn how to unleash the power of words to architect an ideal life at any age. Leilani will explain how regular journaling can give you more freedom and clarity in order to live life exactly as you please, to teach yourself to build and enjoy “the good life” however you define it at whatever age you are enjoying, and to make sure you are living in a way that will have been worth your precious time on earth. Participants will do several practice entries, using prompts that help crystallize new dreams and set you on the journey to leveling up every area of your life as you simultaneously hone your writing skills.



In this session, you’ll learn . . .

  • How journaling can rid you of the self-imposed limitations that subconsciously sabotage your success
  • How journaling can unleash more of your personal power and give you more control over every aspect of your life
  • How the societal frameworks we grew up with needn’t dictate a one-size-fits-all life and how we can turn loose of our “shoulds”
  • How to dream bigger for your writing life and use your journal to collect fodder for your next soon-to-be-published poem, story, novel, or article.


More about Leilani

Leilani is the author of Sacred Journaling: Ten Ways to Use the Power of Words to Craft Your Ideal Life, recently sold to Touchpoint Press and slated for release July 19. In addition to teaching in a private Catholic school in Dallas, Leilani is a social activist and world traveler, a joy she shares with other writers through her international writing workshop business. Her articles and poetry have appeared in English Journal, Wanderlust–A Travel Journal, Perceptions, The Westchester Review, Alabama English, The Raven’s Perch, She Speaks: An Anthology of Women’s Voices, and other publications. She holds a Bachelor’s degree with a double major in English and journalism, a Master’s in literature, and a Master’s in educational leadership. A journal-keeper since she began forming words on paper, Leilani has experienced first-hand the benefits of journaling her way to a life full of service, satisfying work, and enriching relationships. Sign up for her newsletter for writers and travelers at WritingAdventures.com