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J. D. May is a third generation Texan, and true to her roots, her debut thriller, FACTOR-7 introduces the readers to Texas traditions, colloquialisms and locales. Her fictional, but prophetic writings take both her and the reader into the moment and they live it through common imagination. Her words elicit reactions of pleasure, excitement and fear of the unknown or the dreaded “what if” to the readers. Her husband, Buster and adult daughter, Annlyn, fully support her writing, but sometimes jokingly say she’s a little bit crazy because her characters speak to her and lead her to where they want to go, say, and do while she writes.

J.D. May lives with her husband in a country community in far South Texas, almost on the Mexican border. The little town boasts a population of 350 quiet souls. She is surrounded by water, tropical trees, flowers and fruit. Rabbits run wild in her yard and birds such as Green Jays, Mockingbirds, hummingbirds and Chachalacas (called the Mexican turkey) flock around. The White Wing and Mourning Dove’s songs are constant and soulfully calming. Alligators occasionally swim past her dock, but pay no attention. Their home is about ten miles from South Padre Island, a beautiful Gulf Coast beach. She considered becoming a hermit when they moved so far into the country, but decided she liked shoes, the beach, people, and bars too much. Her husband, Buster calls her Imelda as there is no room in her closet for one more pair of shoes. She loves to cook, sip wine, travel, read, the theater, old movies, classic rock and roll, UFO stories, history and animals, among hundreds of other pleasures. Dianne says she has never been bored, always finding something that needs to be done or what she wants to do.

She has travelled extensively and lived summers in Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada and San Miguel de Allende, GTO., Mexico partially to escape the Texas unrelenting heat. She loves Italy and Greece and, in fact, draws upon experiences and people she knows in all these places she has lived, travelled, and loved in her thriller, FACTOR-7. She is a painter and is active with her fellow artists at the co-op gallery in Port Isabel, TX. Family, dear friends, and her faith are always first, but second is her passion for writing and art. She and her husband are huge animal activists, feeding and caring for a tribe of loudmouth feral cats…that aren’t so feral anymore.

You can visit her website authorjdmay.com to sign up for emails about her novel, events, and new releases and for a chance to win a personalized signed copy of FACTOR-7 in a monthly drawing beginning October 2020.