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Sahabia Ahmed is excited to introduce her children's book, “Tenere: A Special Tree in the Sahara.” Born in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Sahabia immigrated to the United States for further education after completing high school. She currently works at a Fortune 500 regulated utility, where she leads resource planning initiatives focused on renewables, hydrogen/gas, battery investment, decarbonization studies, and creating net-zero pathways. In addition to her professional work, Sahabia serves as a board member for the United Nations Association Houston Chapter, advocating for Sustainable Development Goals and positive change.

Throughout her life, Sahabia has cultivated numerous passions and hobbies, driven by a natural curiosity and a desire to explore new things. Her goal is to build meaningful connections, learn about people’s journeys, and immerse herself in creativity. She is dedicated to exploring the world through travel, new experiences, and impactful projects.

Learn more about Sahabia's books here: Books – Sahabiaahmed.com