Lone Star Festival
The Event for Texas Creatives

Susan Maluschka is a lifetime member of the LCMS. She attended parochial schools as a child and years after college, took theology classes at Concordia University to further her religious education. After teaching an adult Bible class for many years, she decided that she could do just as well and began writing. Her first publication, “Watching Movies with Christian Eyes” is a study on finding God in the movies we watch. The characters in the movies must deal with the wish for revenge, the right to life, etc. This study takes these issues and looks at the Bible to see how God wants us, as Christians, to deal with these same problems. Her second book, “Nameless Women of the Bible”, looks at 12 women that will forever remain nameless but still have much to teach us about doing God’s will. Susan currently lives in Victoria, Texas with her husband of 35 years. When she’s not spoiling her children and grandson, she loves traveling, reading, puzzles and of course, writing more Bible studies.