Lone Star Festival
The Event for Texas Creatives

Born in San Antonio, Texas. Shi-Nes clawed her way up from the depths of society towards her dream, her aspirations of becoming an author since the age of thirteen. <?p>

Kept down for years by her peers, mocked by the haters, she battled her way past evil sister-in-laws, through false friends, and then betrayed by her fake Prince Charming. Still, Shi-Nes kept trudging forward with tears in her eyes, fear far behind, determination on her mind, and art in her heart. Emerging beyond the darkness and into the light her future finally bright. She found new courage, a fresh beginning with comrades that know what kind of person she truly is. Together with her crew of companions who love and appreciate her, powered by her resolve to never give up, they get ready to fight against the fiendish foes that plot to stop her from succeeding.

She is also greatful to God for protecting her while helping her through all the storms in Shi-Nes's life. Devour up her book of short stories, If you dare!