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Twenty-Five years ago, a group of writers christened May as Texas Authors month. It was not until this year that some authors decided to re-establish the event. There has been little to no fanfare for the month, and we would like to change that for 2020.

As we continue to work on creating a physical store for Texas Authors, we have narrowed our search down to a couple of communities, one of which is Seguin, Texas. This historic town is going through a revitalization that can match many other cities as a destination. We want to help with that process.

Seguin is a rich part of Texas history located west of San Antonio, off of I-10 as you head from San Antonio to Houston.

After meeting with city officials, we have decided to help create a Holiday Weekend Travel Experience. On May 30, 2020, we will host the Lone Star Book Festival establishing a new tradition for Texas authors and artists.

LSBF will be held in Seguin at the Civic Center from 9 AM to 2 PM, it may be extended to 4 PM depending on the crowd size.

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Our goal is to make the Lone Star Book Festival event in Seguin grow into a Texas Authors Book Festival that rivals any other in the state, including the Texas Book Festival held in October. Yes, that will take time, but if we can incorporate other activities and fun events that are writing and reading related, we can do it.


November 2, 2019 a Parade & Celebration will be held in Houston, Texas celebrating being a published author and reminding America about the joys of reading, buying books and much more.

This year’s theme is “America, Reading is…” is designed to get America to think and learn of all of the great values that reading has. Relieving stress, educational, fun and so much more.

The parade will go from the City Hall and winding through downtown to end at the Discovery Green for lunch and speakers. We are working to create the largest bookstore for Indie Authors. This store will be open for the parade attendees and their families, and to the general public. Our goal is to push book sales and to give Indie Authors more exposure.

We are in the planning stages for this great event and welcome anyone who wants to volunteer and help us make this a great National Event. If you are interested, please email Alan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Our biggest goal is to raise from $25,000 to $50,000 to cover all expenses and to reduce the cost of the luncheon for attendees.

For further information, visit our website at http://Authors.DEARIndie.org


Authors Portal – This page will be changing as we continue to finalize the program, so please check back often for the latest information.


  • Looking to find new readers for your books?
  • Have you ever wanted to work with a fellow author to create a book?
  • Looking for a new way to get marketing exposure while making money from it?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, this is a contest for you.


Readers will be submitting information for characters, locations, story ideas and even plot twists for your team to use and to create a great book.


You will have until August 31st to have the book done and ready to be judged by the readers participating. Top prize winners will have their books published by DEAR Indie and will receive a portion of the profits as royalties for the life of the contract.


What a great way to excersies your writing skills, have fun and raise money for the DEAR Indie Literacy Program that gets books into Title 1 Schools & Libraries.


A Win-Win for everyone!


To begin the process, simply form a team of up to four authors. Assign responsibilities and select the main contact person for us to work with. Then complete the entry form here: http://wefiction.dearindie.org/index.php/author-portal/author-registration


Once we receive the form, we will confirm with you and request your bios and pics of the authors participating in your team. We will promote your and your team during the event. IF your team wins, we will continue to promote you and the team members on the website, social media and other outlets when possible.


A formal publishing contract will be provided before the end of the contest for the members to sign and return to us. No information that is received from, used from or accessed from this website or the organization may be used for any other purpose, writing program, etc. The material can only be used in creating a book for publication that will be sold through our partner Indie Lector bookstore only.


Readers Portal – This page will be changing as we continue to finalize the program, so please check back often for the latest information.

  • Do you love to read books?
  • Have you ever thought about being a part of a story, or give an author a storyline to work with?
  • Maybe even give a location to use?
  • How about being a character in a story?
  • Support Literacy Programs with Donations?

Now is your chance to do any or all of the above and even get an opportunity to judge a book or two for a contest.

WeFiction is an interactive database and reading program that will challenge authors to form a team and write a book with information that readers provide. All of this is done as a fund-raising program for our DEAR Indie Literacy program which gets books into Title 1 Schools & Libraries.

Simply select the option below and complete the form. Make your donation, and we will add your item into a database where authors will make their selections. Then, once the author team is done with the book, you can help judge one or more of the books to assist us in choosing a winner.

If your submission is used, you will receive your choice of an eBook or paperback book autographed by the authors.

Click on one of the following items you would like to submit for (remember this is a fund raising program for Literacy):


Character Submission 

Location Submission

Plot Twist



6th Annual Short Story Contest

I am happy to announce the sixth annual Short Story Contest. The first five years were full of surprises, and great stories. Volume 3 & 4 were distributed to over 1,000 Texas Libraries for FREE as part of the DEAR Texas Literacy Program that supports Title 1 schools and libraries.  Volume 5 will be distributed at the Texas Library conf in Houston in March 2020.

This exciting annual contest is open to any Author that has a short story to tell. Great prizes are given to the top three winners of each genre, including printed copies of the anthology, memberships, and cash prizes.  Entries begin March 1st and end July 31st of each year.

View some of our past winners reading their stories on video, or listen to them on audio.

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