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George Vance is a burgeoning, interesting and fresh new Blog to Book style Author. Since grade school and beyond, he has enjoyed the English language, reading, and creative writing. His literary efforts exude feelings of joy, fun, honesty, candidness, living history and adventure. His readers find his style unique, engaging and entertaining.

He is the sole creator and writer of 3 Blog to Book Indie Published Books for Sale.

"Open Mindful , Philosophy on the Fly."
"Attractive Tales from Grand Cities, a Social Memoir"
"The Nation We Live In" a Collection of Essays and Short Stories

He is a liberal arts 2004 graduate from the University of Texas. He is a former New York City dweller, former Abercrombie & Fitch Retail In-store Fashion Model, and currently he diligently works as a full time Austin, Texas Residential Realtor.