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Pastor, motivational speaker, prayer warrior, worshipper, mentor, devoted wife, mother, author, and writer are some of many God-given characteristics that best describe Victoria Quinn. Her days begin and end in the Holy Word of God. She is the mouthpiece of God, and his words manifest itself in her writing and prophetic gift. Quinn is a freelance writer, born into a lineage of ministers and writers. She strongly believes in family structure, therefore spending time with her husband and children is a significant part of her life. Quinn has her certification in paralegal studies and graduated with honors as valedictorian. Her personality is positively overwhelming for some and amazing to others. She spent years motivating and inspiring, little did she know that God was developing her character and getting her ready to move out her comfort zone and into a place of leadership to minister to His people. Visit www.thevictoriaquinn.com for more information. Alexa, raised in a strict Christian family, embraces a life as the wife of a pastor and co-pastor of a prominent Miami church. A tragic accident, caused by a drunk driver, leaves her paralyzed from the waist down, shattering her perfect life. Struggling with her faith, Alexa questions why God spared her but took her husband.

Haunted by nightmares and flashbacks of the accident, Alexa's heart hardens as she battles to reclaim her role in the church. Her hope is rekindled when Brendon, a handsome Christian gentleman, enters her life. Their friendship blossoms into love, but as they start dating, strange occurrences unfold, and the nightmares become reality when the drunk driver who killed her husband plots to kill her.

Brendon, risking his life, investigates her husband's unsolved death, intertwining their fates. The themes of this book touch upon faith, tragedy, betrayal, redemption and unexpected love that only the Lord’s strength can overcome during the times of adversity. ***

“Face of Deception” book stands out with its unique blend of faith rebuilding during the aftermath of tragedy and unforgiving betrayal, along with suspenseful love that brings it all together. It touches on universal themes such as resilience, faith and the unpredictable nature of life. Through compelling storytelling and vivid character development, Quinn explores the human experience of coping with tragedy and the surprising ways love can emerge during adversity.

When asked what Victoria Quinn wants readers to take away from the story, the author says, “There’s still life after a life changing event. Having hope and to renew their mindset that defeat is not an option.”

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