Lone Star Festival
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Performs Saturday at 12 Noon - Cole's performance is considered Adult Entertainment.

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Songwriter, Producer, Music Artist/Musician

Soileau's music is described as energetic with unique fusion of pop and trap elements, sometimes more dissonant punk-rock. I would say alternative rock-esk. The Louisiana-born singer/songwriter has refined his sound with award-winning mix engineer Jordan Alexander of Music City Studios, and many others since 2020.

Soileau started to pave his way in the Austin music scene in 2021!

Cole is currently performing live to support his latest releases, and will be announcing his debut album "Hide Behind A Smile," as released on Sept. 24th, 2023. Cole aspires to not become huge but to do something BIG that IS huge. He'd dreamed since the age of 16, not only to find his purpose in music, but to follow through with it. A huge goal he had for a while is to put a grunge/alt-rock inspired sound into the spotlight again, and help build a community for artists and fans to connect with one another. Now he just hopes for the best.

Find him on all DSP platforms and his socials (Linktree in BIO) IG: @its_colesoileau