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Dr. Greg Bower is the author of A Man Reborn: A Jesse Coltharp Western in addition to his regular job as superintendent of schools for Como-Pickton CISD. He holds a Master's degree in History, a Master's degree in English, and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership. He and his wife Alice live on a small ranch just outside of Quitman, Texas with their three exceptional dogs: Esther, Paula, and Tex. They have an incredible son, Dakota Zane Bower, named after the great Zane Grey. You can reach out to Greg on social media at: Instagram - @gregbower74

A Man Reborn: A Jesse Coltharp Western

This extraordinary, western novel takes readers on a journey through the inner turmoil that plagues every man in his struggle to find love, friendship, and happiness in a hostile world.

His best friend betrayed him. His girl broke his heart and killed his spirit. Jesse Coltharp was a man who didn’t run from trouble, but he rode as far and as fast as he could to escape the pain of losing his best friend and fiancé in the same day. The young cowboy wasn’t looking for anything more than distance between himself and the only life he had known. Far from his Missouri home, he stumbled across the body of a man whom he would revive from death’s grasp on the rolling plains of the Southeastern Colorado territory. As much as Jesse saved the man from his physical death, the old marshal would save Jesse from the spiritual death that was soon to overtake his soul. Jesse, the marshal, and their friend Zeb would start a journey that would cover more than just miles. Only their grit, ability, and brotherly love would see them through.

Along Jesse's journey, Indians would test him. Gunmen would try him. Outlaws would taunt him, but only one person would ever tame him – Jenny Dunning.

Buckskin Blues -

Sulphur Springs News-Telegram - Greg Bower's coming-of-age western novel deftly leads readers through the emotions of loyalty, friendship, betrayal, and love while making them feel as though they are a part of the main character's tragedies and triumphs..... Dave Shabaz – Publisher

Wood County Monitor-Bower shows how a man can journey through life struggling to find the basics of life through friendship and love of another… Larry Tucker – Editor - on book one of the series A Man Reborn

A Murdered Wife – A Helpless Child – And the Long Trail to Justice

Three years earlier, Jesse Coltharp saved Marshal John Dunning’s life and became lifelong friends in the process. Now, another one of his friends needs him, and Jesse is forced to decide on staying with the love of his life or sticking by his friend when he’s needed most. This action-packed western takes the reader through the emotions of a man tested in his loyalty, fueled by justice, sharpened by the elements, and cemented by love.

Indians would test him. Gunmen would try him. Outlaws would taunt him, but only one person could ever tame him – Jenny Dunning

From the best-selling author of A Man Reborn comes an action-packed - gritty - coming-of-age western sequel about love, hate, loyalty, and justice.


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