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Kym Glass is the CEO of Soft Skills Strategies, a Consulting and Speaking agency that leverages soft skills to create surprising bottom line results.

Kym is a Soft Skills Consultant, Award Winning Speaker and Best Selling Author.

Drawing on her background of numerous professional awards, and her experience of creating connected communities of people across multiple different organizations, she created three “Soft Skills” business growth systems:

- Unshakeable Courage and The Seven Promises of Courage Roadmap

- Soft Skills Strategies of Top 1% Companies

- Take Your Business and Voice from whisper To ROARRR! ™

In her Unshakeable Courage book, she shares her true story of overcoming adversity as she escaped the grips of a religious cult that preyed on her family for generations.

Through her courage of escaping after 35 years to break the generational pattern to protect her daughter, she shares the roadmap she created along her journey and shares “The Seven Promises of Courage” to help others overcome fear in their personal and/or professional life, “Because no one should live in fear!”

She is currently on a National Book Tour and speaks often on the topic of COURAGE!