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As a sergeant in the United States Air Force, my last job was Diesel Mechanic for the Minuteman missile, and then I trained and became a Refrigeration and Air-conditioning mechanic.

I've always enjoyed working with my hands I enjoy learning how things work which has helped me become a good mechanic.

I wrote this book to help my friends when I’m not available as I’m always the go-to for car problems.

Most of my girlfriends were divorced or single with children and income was a challenge so repairing their cars would cause stress getting it fixed.

My friends knew that I could tell them what was wrong with the car and if I could I would fix it for them. Like when the Air-

Conditioning doesn't blow cold air or something is leaking under their car. I didn’t mind helping I enjoy doing it and I would like to help you. I wish I could come to your house and look at your car, and tell you what’s wrong with it but I can’t so I wrote this book so that I could be your girlfriend and help you with your car.

Just because we're bling-bling women don’t mean we have to be uneducated about our cars.