Lone Star Festival
The Event for Texas Creatives

As Artist Joycelet Groves, I've been an artist for several years. My art is a reflection of my family life of glory, honor, power, and love. As the youngest of 9 children, I was born and raised in North Carolina. My first job after graduation from Person Sr. High School, was at the World Trade Center, NYC.

I relocated to Phoenix, Arizona where I met my husband Charles E. Groves, who is a veteran now. We are retired and living in San Antonio, TX for over 60 years. My most valuable accomplishment is attending St. Phillips College, achieving a position of Activity Director, and working at Air Force Village/Freedom House for over 15 years.

My hobbies are writing poems, singing songs, arts and crafts, helping in the community with children, gardening, and last but not least my Arts in drawing and painting. Art is the joy of my life. I have had a passion and inspiration for all types of Arts. I've decided after retiring to explore it more as it's the joy and strength of my life now.