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Leonie Waithman was born and raised in The Netherlands as the youngest of three girls. She attributed her passion for storytelling to her early years, when her father made up stories at bedtime. Leonie's first writing took place in elementary school, where she wrote in a diary every Monday morning that was sent home to the parents at the end of the semester. Her mother said that since Leonie was always playing outside, reading the vivid stories in her school diary of adventures that had taken place on the weekends with neighborhood kids was something she treasured.

After graduating from college, Leonie pursued her passion for traveling and met her British husband in Australia. She worked in England for several years before moving to Texas in 2001.

Leonie lives in Katy, Texas with her husband, her three children, a cat, and a German Shepherd who is never far from her sight.

When not writing, she is an avocational archaeologist, and volunteers her time at a state historic site educating students about the Texas Revolution.

She loves to ride horses, explore ancient ruins (she has a bucket list of ancient ruins and historic sites yet to visit), swim, hike, and spend time with family and friends.